Raissyon embraces the marketplace with a wide variety of  products and services. Services starting from planning to execution and right through after sales support.

Consultancy / Design

Raissyon has professional experts in providing consultant advice in fields such as Management, Engineering and Marketing.

Our expertise varies as per Client requirements both as Internal Consultant ( acting as clients ) and External Consultant(with multiple or changing clients).

Project Implementation / Execution

Implementing and executing of projects as direct contractor with Clients or as a sub-contractor.

Services include as lumsum turnkey solutions and also as specific expertise in the fields of Civil/Arch, Electro-Mechanical, Low current system and Real Estate business.

Product Supply

Dedicated Product specialist covering wide areas in Commercial and Industrial sector.

Our team is spread in various regions of Saudi Arabia and available with the fastest response for Client requirements.

Maintenance Services

Our employees are a mix of multi-talented, multi-skilled trades personnel who are experienced in all areas of building mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural systems. We are responsible for preventative maintenance in buildings as well as routine maintenance, repair, and emergency response.


We support our clients with a full complement of Managed Training Services covering content development, delivery of third party programs, delivery of proprietary training programs and management of learning technology. We provide these services in whatever combination is most useful for our clients.

Through these services, we can take on the heavy lifting for clients so that their internal team can focus on excellence in the work that is critical to do internally

Project Team Mobility

The allocation of resources to the project plan is part of the overall process of planning, estimating and resourcing the project. Raissyon takes care each time the plan is reviewed and revised and the resourcing will be addressed.

Raissyon has the ability to place technical team for any locations in Saudi Arabia including remote and rural areas.

System Upgrade

System obsolescence increases the risk of unscheduled downtime due to component failure or cybersecurity attacks.

Raissyon extensively provides System Upgrade Service by executing a well-planned approach to upgrading a system safely and efficiently. We provide expert technical expertise for evaluation, testing, upgrade planning and implementation support for upgrades of our installed system.

After Sales Service

We are dedicated in providing the best solution to our Clients in any field of projects we do. Our focus is not only guarantees but also to provide the best after sales services so the Client will never face problems with installations.