Cleanrooms Sector ‎

Cleanrooms are one of the most sensitive environments and require high standards of accuracy to control it in order to preserve the equipment, devices and people working in it and reduce the risks resulting from the use of hazardous materials that may pollute the environment in the event of their leakage, so the operation and maintenance of clean rooms must be carried out according to quality standards Strict and using highly efficient infrastructure and technology.

Raissyon Company has decades of experience in operating, maintaining and providing clean room solutions according to international standards and according to customer needs in solidarity with major companies in the field, which makes us one of the pioneers in operating and maintaining this industry in the Kingdom.

High Precision Environmental Control

Real-time monitoring and accurate measurement of the cleanroom environment ‎and its immediate control, including control of pressure difference, air flow ‎volumes, particle concentrations and environmental emissions.‎

Maximum Protection and Safety

Highly controlled protection for assets and people in high-speed air areas, using ‎the highest safety standards and the latest global technologies for clean rooms, ‎which include many systems, including integrated protection from explosions, ‎operation, directed evacuation in dangerous situations, and early detection of ‎fires.‎

Professional Services

Provide suitable manufacturing practices for cleanrooms through Integrated ‎Services of statistical information and verification of all quality of all Equipment ‎and devices of the building infrastructure‏.‏

Instant Support

Benefit from our in-depth solution expertise for cleanroom technology. Our ‎extensive global network of cleanroom experts ensures that you receive the ‎support you need throughout the complete lifecycle of your facility.‎

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