Water Sector

The water sector is critical to the livelihood and wellbeing of the Kingdom’s people and its industries.  From the production of water at the Kingdom’s desalination plants to delivery to the consumers house or factory, Raissyon is an established service provider to the Water Sector across Saudi Arabia.

Our range of services are clearly demonstrated in the recently awarded contract from SWCC/NWC for the upgrade of connection point metering and water quality instrumentation.

The project incorporated the following:

Instrumentation and valve selection studies;

  • Understanding the customer's challenges and limitations
  • Identifying the best-fit solution to meet the specific requirements

Design and engineering studies for civil and mechanical works, including;

  • Detailed design drawings
  • Work instructions and procedures
  • Method statements and risk assessments

Mechanical and civil engineering works, including;

  • Equipment installation into existing pipe lines
  • Creation of equipment chambers

Instrumentation works, including;

  • Integration of new instrumentation with customer's existing SCADA system
  • Full system commissioning

Not every project will encompass all aspects of the above services

But no matter how large or small the project is; from a full system upgrade to minor instrumentation works, Raissyon has the expertise to deliver.

We offer other services too, relevant to the Water Sector.  Get in touch via our Contact Us page to find out what we can offer and how we can assist you.

Let us work together!

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