Power Generation Sector

A robust Power Generation sector vital to most countries and none more so than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  From industrial users to the public’s demand for air-conditioning whenever required, continuity of supply is vital.


Raissyon’s portfolio of services are design to support your drive for service continuity by focussing on key-critical elements of the power generation system.


Gas and oil-fired turbines are the heart of the power generation journey.  Raissyon offer the complete overhaul and maintenance package from the supply of OEM spare parts to complete turbine overhauls, performed in accordance with OEM recommendations.


For oil-fired turbines and diesel generators, the quality of fuel is critical for successful operation and the longevity of the equipment.  The presence of water in the fuel may at best reduce the life of the generator; at worst the generator will trip and cease to produce electricity until the problem is rectified.  If the trip is caused by the failure of a component, then restoring power supply could take a significant period of time.  Raissyon offer a range of fuel treatment solutions, fully installed and integrated into your existing treatment system, to ensure continuity of supply.

Planned maintenance is vital, but..

Whilst planned maintenance is vital for maximizing the operational life and efficiency of the power generation plant, this can’t address issues occurring between these planned events.  This is where vibration monitoring plays an important role. Raissyon provide a full health-check service, utilizing portable vibration monitoring systems.  With accelerometers placed at key points the health of the equipment can be determined.  Through regular use, trends can be identified and action taken before an issue becomes a major problem.

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